10+ kitchen hacks to make your life easier

One of the great things about internet is how it can make our life so much easier with only one click. If you've recently moved out of your parents house and are starting to discover how wonderful and complicated being on your own can turn out, then you must have noticed that most of the time the hard questions present themselves while on the kitchen.

But fear no more! Here you'll find plenty of hacks that will make time spent cooking dinner or cleaning appliances a lot more fun (and, why not, less expensive). You don't have a list of favorite kitchen hacks yet? Then listen up! We're bringing you the good stuff!

Take The Pain Out Of Peeling Garlic

Peeling garlic is another frustrating task. Not only can it take a significant amount of time, but very few of us enjoy the pungent smell that remains underneath our fingernails. One of the most interesting secrets that chefs often employ is to use a simple glass jar. Once you have removed the outer husks surrounding each garlic piece, only a thin inner layer will remain. Take the cloves and place them within a clear glass jar. Cover the jar and shake it repeatedly until you notice that the layers are coming off due to friction. You will have peeled several pieces of garlic in no time at all!

Keep Your Bananas Fresh

It can be very frustrating to purchase a bunch of bananas only to witness them spoil within a few days. This is particularly the case during the spring and summer months. As opposed to being forced to eat them before they expire, why not think a bit outside of the proverbial box? Many consumers are surprised to learn that these fruits can remain fresh for up to an additional three to five days with the use of plastic wrap or tin foil. Wrap the stems tightly with either of these materials to guarantee prolonged freshness.

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